"We have been coming to the Winston Center since May and are very happy. Dr. Beck is helpful and thorough, makes sure you understand, willing to work with your desires with regard to treatment. We also worked with Marvin, who was great. Everyone is good with my daughter. We are going through what seems to be a process of discovery (and stress!) but I feel very good about working with Winston Center."

“My school-age daughter and I both have ADD. We had each been to many different providers in both Seattle and Spokane, but none of them seemed to understand the nuances of female ADD…and none of them helped. When we finally found Dr. Beck, it was such a relief. After years of searching, he has been by far the most effective provider I have met. And, on top of the great ADD care, the Winston Center also addresses learning disabilities. My daughter, who struggles with dyslexia, is making fantastic progress with the help of a learning specialist at the center. She also sees an in-house psychologist, who is helping her manage all the frustrations that come with being a kid with ADD and dyslexia. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the Winston Center and recommend it highly.”

"I highly recommend this group of professionals. As an adult with ADHD, I thoroughly appreciated integrated care options, well informed and evidence based treatment recommendations, and the kind, compassionate care. A great option for children or adult needs. What a great resource for our community!"