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speech therapy


 The speech therapists at Winston Center offer speech & language evaluations, as well as treatment for children and teens. Many of our clients have also been impacted by struggles in the areas of learning, reading, writing, attention, memory, and executive function skills.


 Research shows that up to 45% of people diagnosed with ADHD, also have a language-based learning disorder. Social communication disorders impact this population as well.


 Winston Center's speech therapists utilize evidence based programs that target social communication difficulties, as well as receptive and expressive language difficulties.


 Common characteristics of Social Communication Difficulties:

  •  May be talkative
  •  Turn-taking and topic maintenance problems
  •  Information management problems
  •  Inappropriate questioning
  •  Comprehension difficulties
  •  Disorganized narratives
  •  Poor at making inferences
  •  Persistent subtle language impairment into middle childhood and beyond


 Common Receptive Language Difficulties in children:

  •  Difficulty following oral and/or written directions
  •  Answering questions incorrectly
  •  Not understanding what they've read
  •  Trouble identifying main idea
  • Reading comprehension struggles
  • Low vocabulary


 Common Expressive Language Difficulties in children:

  • Seems to ramble on or not be able to organize thoughts when speaking/writing
  • Not able to stay on topic
  • Poor grammar, misuse of verb tense
  • Low vocabulary, difficulty with word finding
  • Difficulty with initiating writing tasks
  • Poor self-editing skills when writing


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