about us

Message From The Founders

When we look at services for people with attention and learning problems, there’s one thing that we frequently notice is missing: HOPE. Will we tell you that there aren’t a lot of potential bad outcomes for people with attention and learning problems? No, we won’t. There are, in fact, many studies showing potential detrimental impact of attention and learning problems on people’s lives. We work with people who have these challenges every day. But, we are not blind to the gifts that these people have to offer. We see the strength and resiliency that each of these people have. They overcome. They don’t give up. They achieve great things!

More than anything else, our motivation at Winston Center is to build a center that provides hope and promise to people. We do this by helping them identify their gifts and strengths and while walking alongside them in their journey. We seek to help each person reach their highest potential. It’s important for us as a team to capitalize on the strengths we know all individuals with attention and learning differences possess. We, at Winston Center are honored to be part of their journey to success!

Why Winston?

Winston Center grew out of the founder’s desire to create a center of excellence for ADHD and dyslexia/reading disorders.
Their passion for creating Winston Center is rooted in their own personal and family experiences with ADHD and dyslexia. Their understanding is not superficial and dry knowledge gained from a book, but rather deeper understanding that springs from life itself, united with specialized training at premier medical universities.
We understand ADHD and dyslexia. And we know what to do to help.
We focus exclusively on meeting the needs of kids, adults, and families impacted by ADHD and reading difficulties. That is all we do. Our goal is to be the best source of help for those with ADHD and/or reading disorders.
If you are impacted by ADHD or reading problems,
then Winston Center is where you need to be.